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Roof renovation


Yes, the maintenance of your roof makes all the difference. We recommend that carry out a roof maintenance once a year. For this purpose, we have designed a maintenance package to meet your needs.


There are many reasons why you may not be able to climb on your roof for the recommended maintenance. It could be because you lack the time, the right equipment or because you suffer from dizziness or other health problems; the reasons are many. However, you should never neglect your roof. At Pro G. Construction inc, we are here to serve you and will handle the job for you. Negligence can be costly, so let's avoid insurance claims.


Included in the basic package:

  • Visual inspection of the roof condition.
  • Photographing the roof.
  • Cleaning the surface. (various waste)
  • Written report.
  • Free quote. (on request)


Included in the full package:

  • Elements of the basic package.
  • Replacement of the drain domes.
  • Sealing all metal flashing joints.


The options available:

  • Replacement of swan necks.
  • Replacement of metal flashings.
  • Replacement of wooden bases under electric tripods.
  • Replacement of skylights.
  • Replacement of the access hatch cover.


The function of the roof drain is to evacuate rainwater and snow. It is therefore crucial to ensure that it is not blocked. Water would not flow easily and may leak into the building. It is essential to check your roof before the winter season.


Neglecting to maintain your roof can lead to serious problems. In this photo, a layer of ice over 8 po (20 cm) thick has formed because the drain is blocked. The weight of the ice exerts pressure on the roof and structure of the house.


On the roof, Nature sets in and takes its place over time. Roots grow and attach themselves to their new home. A maintenance service is required to prevent the proliferation of moss on the roof surface.


Over time, weather conditions can affect the roof. Wind and rain wipe away the gravels and leave bare spots behind. Proper maintenance will prevent any exposure of the surface and extend the lifespan of the roof.


Wrinkles form and are exposed to the sun. The rays heat the surface and quickly wear them down. We must ensure that we cover and protect them in time. Many roofs leak when wrinkles crack.


Metal flashings are strong and robust and serve as a metal shield for the roof. However, any negligence can be costly. Each piece of metal must be fixed securely and sealed permanently to ensure the necessary protection.



This is the opening through which we access the roof. Base and cover team up. The canopy can be replaced without damaging the roof. We can add locks and handles.


Swan necks are an essential element of your building. They ensure proper ventilation. The exposure of hot air with cold air at the inlet and outlet of these collars can cause corrosion. Replacing them is simple and inexpensive.

Maintenance is the key

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Our services :
  • Skylight installation and repairs
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof renovation
Our strengths:
  • Extensive experience and expertise
  • Technical know-how
  • Availability and responsiveness
  • Reliability of the work
  • Montreal
  • North Shore
  • South Shore

Located in Repentigny, Pro G. Construction inc specializes in roof renovation services.

Pro G. Construction inc has extensive experience and expertise in skylight installation and repairs.

Reliable and safe installation

We provide reliable and safe skylight installation services. We have the know-how to work on different types of buildings. We ensure you get a stable, resistant, waterproof and durable structure designed to capture the sun's rays and diffuse natural light into your home or commercial building. You can also contact us for any roof inspection, repair or renovation project. We can travel to any site in Montreal, including the North Shore and the South Shore.

Skylight Installation and Repairs Montreal

A stable, resistant, waterproof and durable skylight.

Effective repairs

Contact us if you any problem with the skylight in your home or building (humidity, leakage, etc.). We will conduct a visual inspection to assess the general condition of the skylight and the damage it has sustained. We'll then repair any damage and correct any defects on the lenses with the right tools. At the end of the work, the skylight will be as good as new, free of defects. Our motto is precision, attention to detail, thoroughness and efficiency.

Skylight Installation and Repairs Montreal

Our motto is precision, attention to detail and thoroughness.

Our work

We have the required expertise to renovate different types of roofs (sloped, flat, rounded). We repair apparent damage and improve the beauty of your roof. Thus, we effectively identify and fix leaks, holes, cracks and spalls. We can also modify and carry out minor repairs on all the elements of your roof. Conscious of your needs, we strive to maintain the original appearance of the roof.

Renovation of all types of roofs


Roof renovation Montreal

Commitments and guarantees

Do you want to improve the durability and waterproofing of your roof? We are the professionals to contact for the job. We maintain constant commitment from the beginning to the end of the project. At the end of the renovation work, your roof will look beautiful while retaining its original features. We can also handle the repairs if your roof is severely damaged. Our team can travel to any site in Montreal, including the North Shore and the South Shore.

A durable roof that combines aesthetics with originality.


Roof renovation Montreal

Entrust the renovation of your roof to our qualified roofing experts. Contact us to request a quote.

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